SFA Members, 


We want to let you know about a very unique gathering of 2,100+ Green Berets, Gold Star Families, Medal of Honor recipients, Family and friends.  SFA Legacy Initiatives (SFALI) is close to signing a contract to charter an entire cruise ship for Special Forces Alumni, Family, and friends. We are looking at a 5-day cruise departing Port of Tampa around the 3rd week of October 2024.  The exact details cannot be released until we have a signed contract because cruise lines can reposition ships and change itineraries to meet everyone’s requirements.  We are looking to release all cruise information O/A June 23, 2023.  Registration information can be found at: https://sfali.org/cruise-pre-registration-page/  We are also in the early planning phase for several events and excursions in the Tampa area 2-3 days prior/after the sailing as well.


The responses have been overwhelming with 370 cabin registration (700+ passengers) in just over three weeks.  Of those, 15 have already committed to purchase a second cabin for a Gold Star Family, Medal of Honor recipient, or currently serving AD/NG Soldier and their spouse.  We expect to fill all 1,055 cabins in the next 60-90 days.  You need to pre-register now! This event will provide Special Forces Benevolent Organizations, Sponsors, and friends many opportunities to engage several generations of Special Forces Soldiers and their Families in formal and informal settings.  On a charter, every venue on the ship will be available to schedule to best suit specific programs, symposiums, discussions, and lunch/dinner sessions at no additional cost to the sponsor or individual.


During the 2023 SFA Convention (SFACON), the membership voted that this cruise will also be the venue for 2024 SFACON.  SFA Chapter VIII (8), Hawaii Chapter, has stepped up to take the lead on organizing the traditional aspects of SFA conventions during the cruise.  Many of you have been great sponsors and friends of the Special Forces Association and have provided support to past conventions.  If you have specific questions regarding support to 2024 SFACON then please contact Pete Tingstrom, SFA Chapter VIII (8) President, at specialforces2024cruise@gmail.com.  


Prepare to be inspired by an exceptional lineup of keynote speakers who have conquered adversity and achieved remarkable success both during and after their military service. Hear stories of resilience, leadership, and triumph, drawing upon the lessons learned from your time in the Special Forces and applying them to your civilian life. Potential speakers include: The Originals, Medal of Honor Recipients, Commanders of various organizations like USSOCOM, USASOC, etc. The 1st SFG and Detachment A/Berlin have already committed to conduct their reunion on the ship.  We are in discussions with SOA, 5th SFG and others to do the same.


Early registration will help guarantee a cabin category of your choice since some categories will sell out quickly. All registrations prior to June 24, 2023 will be in a drawing for prizes including a 2-cabin category upgrade (or $1,000.00), 1-cabin category upgrade (or $500.00), and other prizes TBD.  Please register early, we need to see our numbers of where we are at in the next 30 days.  If we don’t meet our goal we will have to open this up to the Night Stalker Association, Rangers, Civil Affairs and other organizations to fill up the ship. There has never been an opportunity like this before, so don’t be the one who sees the pictures, videos, smiles and memories after this is all over, wishing you had attended, make the commitment today and sign up.  We will be posting new information to the SFA Teamhouse and SFACON 2024 website soon.

The rooms are designed to have two occupants.  If you don’t have someone to come with you, we have started a forum where folks can go and find someone to defray the cost of the room.  http://pub24.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=1987450266&frmid=10393&msgid=0


What is included:  Cabin in selected category for 2 passengers, taxes, port fees, and gratuities.  3 sit down meals a day, snacks and more throughout; non-bottled water, lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate, and some coffees and teas. Also includes things like a Brunch, Fast Food, around the clock buffet, and ice-cream bar, Vegas type production shows, water slides, comedy club, activities for kids, competitions, etc.


Make Lifelong Connections: Strengthen the bonds forged in the crucible of the Special Forces and form new connections with like-minded individuals who share a common mission and purpose. The reunion cruise is a chance to expand your network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with fellow warriors who are making a difference in various fields.


So don’t miss out on this extraordinary gathering of elite warriors. Reserve your spot today on this Global Gathering of Green Berets and embark on an adventure that will reignite the fire within and create memories that will last a lifetime. Together, let’s honor the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future.


If you would like to help plan activities on the ship or in Tampa before/after the cruise, please join my planning committee. My contact info is below. Hope to see you on-board!  




De Oppresso Liber,
Pete Tingstrom
President SFA Chapter VIII (8) Hawaii
(808) 436-2901

Special Forces 2024 Cruise Lead Planner / SFACON 2024 Chair